Today’s digital technology allows for rapid and widespread dissemination and sharing of information around the globe. Under the Copyright Act, books, movies, musical recordings, maps, photographs, paintings and other artistic creations may be protected. To maintain a competitive advantage, companies and organizations need clear guidance and creative solutions to protect their copyrighted works. At the same time, companies that rely on third-party content need guidance regarding their responsibilities to copyright owners.

Copyright law protects works of original authorship from being copied without permission once they are formed in a tangible medium of expression. Many people think of the copyright law in connection with artistic works, such as books, photographs, and motion pictures, but it also applies to property such as computer software, music, advertising literature, manuals and compilations of information. Copyright law does not protect ideas, but it does protect the way one expresses those ideas.

Aspire IP provides services for registering copyrights before the United States Copyright Office. We also have experience in successfully defending copyright infringement claims. Aspire IP provides strong advocacy and legal counsel to preserve our clients’ best interests, while seeking to mitigate any financial or legal implications.