About Aspire IP


Businessman_GlobeAspire IP Law Group is a sophisticated, interdisciplinary team of experienced attorneys with expertise at the crossroads of cyber and intellectual property law. Our firm focuses on IP and Cyber risk services in the areas of patents, trademarks, copyright, brand protection, and data breach response.

Intellectual Property Expertise

At Aspire IP, our clients work directly with experienced IP attorneys to develop, protect, and monetize intellectual property, ideas, innovations, brands, and creative works. Aspire IP employs a proactive comprehensive approach, analyzing each dimension of a your intellectual property landscape to provide clients with profit-focused “life cycle” strategies for building, developing, and licensing intellectual property. In cases where litigation is necessary or appropriate, our attorneys are ready to provide the highest caliber of representation and reasonable rates.  Our people are former patent examiners, clerks, scientists, and engineers. Our knowledge of the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office enables us to efficiently and effectively protect your IP. Our experience combines the expertise and scale of a global firm with the proactive and personalized experience of a boutique firm.

~ If you Value your IP, Invest in protecting and
developing a comprehensive IP Portfolio~

Cyber Expertise

Modern cyberspace threats require companies to protect all of their IP assets. Coupling traditional IP protection with cyber law, Aspire IP can help clients protect their IP before, during, and after a cyber incident. Aspire IP offers cyber and IP risk services configured to proactively mitigate incidents before an attack. Some of these services include cutting-edge IP and cyber law assessments, due diligence assessments, proactive defense services, computer forensic report analysis, risk transfer and insurance review, cloud services exposures review, and international law enforcement assistance.

~ At Aspire IP, we simplify the cluttered and confusing imperative of corporate risk and responsibility prevailing in today’s marketplace known as Cybersecurity ~