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Practice Areas



Today’s digital technology allows for rapid and widespread dissemination and sharing of information around the globe. Under the Copyright Act, books, movies, musical recordings, maps, photographs, paintings and other artistic creations may be protected. To maintain a competitive advantage, companies and organizations need clear guidance and creative solutions to protect their copyrighted works. At the same time, companies that rely on third-party content need guidance regarding their responsibilities to copyright owners.


Aspire IP provides services for registering copyrights before the United States Copyright Office. We also have experience in successfully defending copyright infringement claims. Aspire IP provides strong advocacy and legal counsel to preserve our clients’ best interests, while seeking to mitigate any financial or legal implications.

Cyber Risk Services


Having an Internet presence today means new enterprise-level risks related to industrial espionage, cybersecurity, cyberattack, breach response, and compliance. The entire intellectual property protection area often requires an integrated cybersecurity plan to complement traditional intellectual property protection services. Aspire IP has world class cyberlaw expertise to help with identifying and mitigating risks, provide counseling through breach response and remediation, and support clients with cybersecurity planning and compliance assistance. Aspire IP’s unique cyberspace risk expertise draws from the team’s experience in providing cutting-edge support to military cyberspace operations, White House national cybersecurity initiatives, and Department of Homeland Security and Energy Department cybersecurity programs. This broad and diverse background, including hands-on work with malware controls and adversary tactics, girds the Aspire IP team’s deep understanding of the privacy, risk, compliance, and negligence security dimensions of this challenging practice area.

Cyberspace & Cyberlaw


The ever-changing Internet creates persistent and diverse societal and legal considerations. The Aspire IP team’s sterling work across multidisciplinary dimensions of cyberspace affords us a unique breadth of expertise. As such, Aspire IP is well-versed in the current constitutional, international, and role of government issues that permeate where cyberspace and society intersect. Our expertise spans cybercrime, International Humanitarian Law and cyber operations, public-private partnerships, privacy, and information sharing frameworks. We are trusted advisors across a broad swath of the cyberspace arena.



Leverage patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, or portions of an IP portfolio to generate revenue license streams, open new markets, and/or provide protection from competitors. Whether you are an entrepreneur or large corporation, Aspire IP can advise you in IP-related transactions, including the development and management of licensing programs to generate licensing revenue streams, aggregate patents and handle standards issues. As business relationships evolve, Aspire IP can assist in enforcing or amending obligations in those agreements. Additionally, Aspire IP has experience in taking tax obligations into account for reducing the tax burden from compensation received from licensing efforts.



Aspire IP has extensive knowledge and experience in complex intellectual property litigation involving patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret and unfair competition disputes. Aspire IP provides an effective approach to patent litigation wherein infringers are identified, patents are evaluated for assertion, infringement actions can be filed by Aspire IP or by partnering with another law firm that regularly engages in intellectual property litigation.

Opinions & Counseling


Aspire IP renders opinions ranging from a single opinion on a specific patent to providing long-term, ongoing counseling on complex patent portfolios or litigation. Aspire IP addresses patent validity, enforceability, misuse, design-around issues, licensing potential, IP contract construction and enforcement, and export controls. We regularly partner with our clients’ legal, business, and technical staffs to identify the potential for risk and reward, from idea generation to the establishment of revenue-generating portfolios.

Patent Services


Aspire IP offers a broad range of patent services with highly experienced professionals in patent prosecution and portfolio development. Strategic development of a patent portfolio is critical to developing a sound intellectual property position. Innovative start-ups, corporations, and other IP-driven organizations turn to Aspire IP for guidance when considering their IP options. We work with each client’s business, legal, and technical staffs to develop IP portfolios that align with their business objectives. We provide guidance to clients with existing and evolving portfolios to ensure that their portfolios provide business advantages. This work often entails identifying research and development goals, knowledge of relevant industry sectors, understanding competitors’ patents, and providing a focused approach to achieve a patent portfolio that adds value.

Patent Transactions


Understanding assets in a broader context can reveal your position in the market and expose both roadblocks to maneuver around and opportunities for moving forward with confidence. We utilize our technical capabilities to search prior art, literature, and relevant patents around the globe. Aspire IP has knowledge and experience when interpreting the data and how it can be used to shape your IP business strategy within the context of the market. We help you understand the strength and breadth of your IP and whether the obstacles you face are something to challenge or to design around.

Trade Secrets


The protection of trade secrets is critical in our global economy. Aspire IP provides counseling for the development of sound trade secret policies and practices tailored to protect your business. Our counseling includes preparing and reviewing non-disclosure agreements and non-compete agreements to prevent the loss of trade secrets.



Trademarks and branding are often among a company’s most valuable assets. Aspire IP provides counseling in developing brands including selecting an appropriate brand for use via trademark searching and counseling. We have an experienced trademark prosecution team that has successfully prosecuted many federal trademark applications. Aspire IP also has experience in managing trademark oppositions and cancellation disputes before the United States Trademark Trial & Appeal Board.